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Broaden Your Knowledge

Ever heard of the phrase “It is never to late to learn something new”? Well, this philosophy is in full effect at the Austintown Senior Center. We have a variety of engaging and interesting classes available to our members, but one class will broaden your knowledge beyond most activities, that class is our “Great Courses” lectures. Every morning we offer a different video lecture based on what the senior’s attending want to learn. We have the whole Great Courses library to choose from, with topics ranging from science, history, travel, health and wellness, photography, cooking, and many more. These lectures are taught be professors and leading minds of their fields, with courses from the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Mayo Clinic, and prominent universities. The classes have no tests or homework, all you need is the drive to learn something new. So join us, learn about Italy, or Engineering, Rediscover the Art of Cooking or learn about the Fundamentals of Photography. Take a Tour of Medieval Europe, learn about Human Decision Making, master Tai-Chi or conquer speaking French. The sky is the limit to what you can learn, so join us and see what video courses we will offer.

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