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  • Jessica Ricker

Want To Be Crafty?

Senior Centers don't have to be all about Bingo...

Here at The Austintown Senior Center, we offer a variety of different programs to keep our members active, both mentally and physically. A growing section in our activity calendar is our crafting section. Some craft-like classes we offer are:

S.O.S. - Members make calendars and bookmarks to donate to local nursing homes and groups

Sew and Craft - Every Monday, members complete a different project using scrap material. Instruction is included and most material is provided. Some previous classes included making flowers and purses.

Painting Class - Members choose their own painting, an instructor is there to help you through your project, paintings can be in watercolor or acrylic

Paint and Taste - Instructor chooses a painting and all members paint the same picture step by step, snacks offered during the session

Crochet, Needlework, and Knitting - Our members vary from beginner to advanced. If you are new to the craft, stop in and talk to our group and they will get you started; or if you are just looking for people to craft with, bring your project here. They are always finding new projects to try out, you never know what they will be working on!

Coloring Group - Bring your coloring books and sit with a group of people that all love to color! Plus, it is a great stress reliever.

Quilting Class - Looking for a new project or pattern to quilt? Our quilters have a variety of projects at their disposal and they are more than happy to help anyone that comes in to their class. Some days they work on their own projects and other times they work on group projects, but every class has some sort of 15-30 min instruction section on a new pattern.

Wood Carving - Members range from beginner to advanced, all are welcome to come and participate. New members are given a beginner project and are helped through the carving. Returning woodcarvers are welcome to bring whatever projects they are working on.

Come check our selection of crafting classes! We are continuously adding more!

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