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Senior Scam Scoop

If you have encountered a scam that we do not have listed, please let us know and we will add it to our directory. Chances are others have had the same experience!



The following are examples of various scams. They are intended to be informational only and not to offer legal advice.


If you have any questions see the section on resources at the bottom of this page.

Beware of people calling saying they are from Medicare. They are asking if you received your new card in the past few weeks. When you answer no, they will ask for your Medicare number. Do not give away your Medicare number, scammers can fraudulently bill Medicare this way.

A simple rule is this... Medicare and Social Security will not call you! They send mail. 

Current Scams

Updated Scams

Over to the right is a list of current scams targeting senior citizens. This document is fully downloadable and can be viewed on any device. Feel free to print it and tell your friends about it!

Scammers are constantly changing and coming up with new ways to steal identities, information, and your money. Remember, don't give information out over the phone, computer, or mail. 

Check back often for new scams.

Scam Information

Rules To Follow:

  • The old adage “there is no free lunch” applies to all scams.

  • Don’t open e-mail from someone you don’t know.

  • Just say NO.

  • Ask a trusted friend or relative (unless they are the ones asking for your money).

  • IRS, Social Security, and Medicare do not call or e-mail you. They do not have the power to arrest you.

  • Register on the Do Not Call registry.

You can be sure it’s a scam if:

  • Asked to wire money or a prepaid money card.

  • You must “act now”

  • Guarantee you’ll make money

  • You must send up front money to win something or get a loan.

  • Tell you your computer will crash.

  • You won a contest you never entered.

  • You won a second chance in a lottery.

  • Request personal information (Social Security, credit card, or bank numbers)

  • Asked to send money out of country.

  • Pay fine, bail, or entry fees with gift cards or money orders.

  • Scammers are very persistent and convincing and usually add a sense of urgency to their plea.

  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.


Federal Trade Commission: 


Better Business Bureau of Mahoning Valley:


Ohio Attorney General: 


Local Police


Austintown Senior Center:

Social Security information center:

  • 800-772-1213


AARP Fraud Watch Network:

  • 1-877-908-3360


Do Not Call Network

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