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Senior Stretching

How to maintain one's independence as they age is a question many of our senior members ask. Participating in a fitness program is a great way to improve your well being at any age, but it is increasingly important to maintain an active lifestyle as you age. Exercise helps control blood pressure, body weight, and cholesterol levels, as well as reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It strengthens bones and muscles to fight osteoporosis and improve balance. We all know exercise will not help solve every problem of aging, but seniors will benefit from some easy to moderate exercise. Just don't over do it!

At the Austintown Senior Center, we offer a new class called "Senior Stretching". Our members are quick to take advantage of this class because it is low impact but helps stretch muscles not normally used, builds muscle tone, and improves flexibility and balance. This class uses chairs and everyday objects like water bottles to help members stretch out major muscles, gradually increase endurance, and improve their well being. Members are encouraged to come to the class even if you cannot stay the whole half hour or are unable to do some of the exercises. Come and participate in what you can, your endurance will improve over time.

All you need are a pair of tennis shoes, 2 smaller objects (like a dumbbell or water bottle) that you can use for weights, an open mind and a willingness to push yourself a little bit each week. Class is every Friday at 9:00AM, come check it out!

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