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  • Jessica Ricker

Learning Computers at Any Age

Every had to take an electronic to the store or had to call a kid or grandkid to help you fix one? Are you looking to be more tech savvy? Or maybe you just want to learn Facebook, email, or your new smart phone?

The Austintown Senior Center has computer classes for a variety of skill levels and on an array of subjects. Ever wanted to learn computer basics or security? Maybe Windows 10, iPads, Excel, or Word? We have expanded our classes to include all of these classes plus eBay, burning CDs, working with flash drives, Facebook, email, digital cameras, plus many more. The sky is the limit on what you can learn in our technology classroom! Stop in and see what new and exciting classes our instructor Jessica has to offer. Classes are held most Mondays and Wednesdays, space is limited so sign up early.

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